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My Story

Part 1

I am a love child, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 1950s out of wedlock. Hidden and kept secret until my birth, I was adopted by my aunt and uncle, who decided to migrate to the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I attended schools in Berkeley during the initial integration of schools. Because of my love for people and my commitment to justice and equality, I was elected President of my elementary school, jr. high school, middle school, and senior class president. I am a product of the Civil Rights movement, the Free Speech Movement, and the Black Power movement. In high school, I served as Black Student Union president, co-organized the Black Athletes Association, and editor of the UJAMAA newspaper. I struggled with my identity and place in the world during my late teen years. I experimented with drugs and dropped out of U. C. Berkeley. At 19, I was unwittingly exposed to angel dust or (PCP) and was hospitalized and diagnosed as permanently mentally disabled. My family prayed for my healing. I was determined to put all my faith, hope, trust, and life in God's hands. In three years, I was healed and dedicated my life to helping others.








Part 2

At the age of twenty-six, I answered the call to ministry and, in time, was ordained by Baptist and Methodist denominations. I returned to college and earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Social Science, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Communication Arts, a Master of Divinity Degree, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Theology. I have pastored six churches in Florida and the Bay Area. 

I have helped to organize several Black Pastor & Minister's groups in Florida and California. I have served as President of the Black Seminarians of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, National-Vice President of Black Seminarians, Class representative in seminary, and Chairman of the Black Caucus of the Florida Annual Conference. My community activism includes serving on the Homeless Coalition in Florida, the HIV/AIDS Advisory Council of Duval County, the Hospice Center of Broward County, being a volunteer chaplain for sheriff's departments and hospitals in Florida and California, and volunteering as a tutor for the Juvenile Detention Center of Alameda County. 

I have also served as a substitute teacher, teacher of record, lead teacher, and head of school. I have also worked as a community organizer for PICO of California. 








Part 3

NemaPrimea is my life's mission. We offer consulting expertise, experience, and enthusiasm in four individual and group development and growth areas. The areas are (SEED) Spiritual Designing, Environmental Justice, Educational Empowerment, and diasporic Convergence.

 I live by my pledge to God, which is:

To make each day count toward the fulfillment of my divine mission and purpose on this earth, 

to UPLIFT, LIBERATE, & UNITE God's people

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