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A New Breed Of Christian

Type J Christians (TJC) exalt the commandments of Jesus Christ. TJC is for forward-thinking people who believe God is beyond the limitations of denominations, doctrines, and creeds and yearn for freedom, fellowship, and fun in a genuine relationship with God. They are guided by love—love of God, self, and others. This book contains Book 1, with revisions and the Spirit, and Soul of a TJC.

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PROJECT ASAP 2nd Edition

A Life Skills Manual For Boys & Young Men of Color

Project ASAP is a manual for boys and young men of color. This guidebook teaches, trains, and equips boys with life skills. The model is based on four pillars-Academic, Social, Ability, and Physical.  
Project ASAP is primarily developed for schools, with electives, after-school programs, Saturday
school, summer school, and home. Parents, grandparents, and guardians can also use it.

Coming Soon

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The Mysteries of Pastoring

This book replaces Say Amen Somebody.

Coming Soon

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This is Book replaces SUBUNE 1 & 2. 

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Let Your Church Die! So God's Church Can Live

This book addresses the state of the church today and the reasons for its decline. Dr. Perry believes most churches have strayed away from the church’s original purpose and therefore need to die for Christ’s church to be reborn. The book is in two parts. Part One details the symptoms of a dying church of self and the decision to let it die. Part Two shares the remedies to bring healing and wholeness to the New Era Church based on love, fellowship, ministry, mission, and service.

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Mountaintop Leadership

This is a guidebook for anyone endeavoring to be an exceptional leader. Exceptional Leaders rise above all ordinary and traditional leaders through conviction, commitment, devotion, and application. This guidebook is a how-to primer to becoming an Exceptional Leader through preparation, abilities development, areas of service, and life's appointments. Rising to the heights of Mountaintop Leadership is for those who aspire to make a lasting difference and fulfill their purpose. 

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Nobody Heard My Cry—The Bastardization of Deontae Ray Peterson is about the life of a black boy born into a world of racial strife and prejudice in the Deep South in the 1950s. His family is part of the great migration of Blacks to the West Coast. He learns he was born a bastard and adopted by his aunt and uncle. Haunted by his family's refusal to let him know his father, he goes through life defeated, struggling with his identity as a bastard, unwanted and unloved by his parents. His battles are universal. His story serves as an inspiration and lesson on resilience, faith, and perseverance. 

Nobody Heard My Cry
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Facing The Rising Sun

This book reveals the mystical powers and spiritual outlook required to Face The Rising Sun of the New Day. It calls us back to our African rootage. It outlines the powers of Faith, Hope, Love, Discipline, Stability, and Will. Chapters include, No Turning Back; Never Stop! Never Give Up!; Passing the Torch; Standing On Ancestral Shoulders; The Atonement-In Praise of Women; Activating Your Power; and The Final Cycle.

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The Adventures of Micky Terry Book 1

My name is Micky Terry, and this book is about my adventures. It is also about my search for identity and values during racial, social, and political change in Berkeley, California. This book highlights the fun, innocence, freedom, and challenges I experienced throughout my primary, middle, and high school years. These defining years are divided into three books. This book, Part One, shares the reason for my family's migration to California and my elementary school years. This is my story. Through questions and introduction to new words, student readers will learn to write their individual stories. Books Part two and three are works in progress.

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The Adventures of Micky Terry Book 2

My name is Micky Terry. I am an African American teenager. This book is about my junior high school (Middle School) adventures as I sought to find my identity, values, and place in the world during racial, social, and political change in the 1960s and 1970s. This book is part two of a three-part series. The chapters include The Mr. Peabody Adventure, The Who Killed Poncho Adventure, The Assassination of Dr. King Adventure, The Garfield to King Adventure, The Human Relations Council Adventure, The Tear Gas Adventure, The Trackmeet Adventure, The Camp Retreat Adventure, and The Young, Gifted, Talented & Black Adventure. Included in each chapter are a glossary, questions for discussions for writing paragraphs or essays, and questions to help readers write their adventures and personal stories.

Coming this Summer
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EDUCATION IN BLACK The Big Lie & The Undeniable Truth—A Historical and Practical Guide to Empowerment in Public Education

This book dispels the belief of inferiority, generational disability (Special education), and the permanent perpetuation of achievement gaps and classification of at-risk black students. This book highlights historical facts of governmental and societal systems used to keep Black students behind and left out of opportunities for advancement. It also empowers parents and the community to effect positive change and advancement through Information, Investigation, Instigation, and Implementation.  The chapters in this book include The Literacy Conspiracy, The Terror and Trauma of Public Education, The Failure of Public Education, Berkeley Public Schools-A Case Study, Countries with the Best Practices, The Cuban Model of Public Education, The Voices of Students, & The Sacred Duty of Parenting. A glossary is included to empower all parents, guardians, and community to know the language of public education.

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My name is Micky Terry. I am an African American teenager. This book is about my high school adventures as I sought to find my identity, values, and place in the world during racial, social, and political change in the 1960s and 1970s. This book is part three of a three-part series.

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