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 Meditation quiets conscious thought and the physical realm, making a doorway to spiritual awareness.”
― Jenna Alatari


Meditation is prayerful reflection and contemplation on the scriptures.


Meditation is the art of staying in the present moment.  It is to be fully aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.







The purpose of meditation is to focus the mind and heart upon God as the Eternal Source and Goal of Life.

Howard Thurman


Through Meditation we wrestle down negative thoughts and emotions that plague us every day.  Meditation is a discipline of the mind where you take charge of your thoughts, directing them toward God.   

Ron Lagerquist



Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be successful. 

Joshua 1:8


His delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law, he meditates day and night.

 Psalm 1:2


In your anger do not sin, when you are on your beds search your hearts and be silent. 

Psalm 4:4


Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. 

Psalm 37:7a


I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. 

Psalm 119:15


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer. 

Psalm 19:14













  • Find a quiet and peaceful place (room, closet, backyard, park, trail, etc.).


  • Relax your mind and body. Release the tension


  • Slow the rhythm of your body and spirit down by taking slow deep breaths. Be conscious of your breathing. 

  • Close your eyes.  In time you will develop the power concentration  with your eyes open.

  • Clear all the chatter and clutter in your mind (worries, concerns, plans, agendas, memories, etc.).  It is difficult in the beginning, but keep exercising the catch a thought and release it method. You will grow proficient in emptying your mind.  Clear them from your mind.


  • Focus on a spiritual or religious symbol. You could focus on a verse of scripture, an affirmation, or an image.


  • Center yourself in silence or chanting. Be open to the spirit within. 


  •  Wait until the Great Spirit makes his presence known.


  • Appoint a consistent time and place.  Quality time is important.  Never rush.


  • Persevere.  Do not quit when it seems as though you are not making progress. It is in these times that God the Great Spirit wants to heighten your awareness and keen your senses so that you become sensitive and alert to the presence of the Holy and Sacred within.


  • Discipline yourself. Exercise self-control by conquering the physical with the spiritual.


  • Expect the unexpected. Once meditation becomes a habit to you, you will be amazed at the insight and glory the Great Spirit will reveal to you. The depth of his divine love knows no bounds.


 Do not think of meditation as a chore or something you feel obligated to do every day.  God is wonderful, loving, and understanding.  She wants to be close to you when you are able to give her the undivided attention she deserves.










Food for the Soul



There is very great virtue in the cultivation of silence, and strength to be found in using it as a door to God.  Such a door opens within.  When I have quieted down, I must spend some time in self-examination in the Presence of God. 

Howard Thurman



We each need to find the way to peace in our heart and soul, and bedrock values on which to ground our life.  The quality of one’s life depends so much on one’s interior climate, and that’s where religion and relationship with God make such a difference.

Samuel D. Proctor 










It is one thing to have an opinion of God, it’s another thing to have a relationship with God. The Bible nurtures that relationship.  The Bible provides the medium for interpreting and practicing the meaning of the divine encounter within the human context.

Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III 













 Just as water cannot be separated from a wave, we cannot be separated from our essence, our divinity.  We are never without God.  but without regular communion, we forget about our divine nature, we lose the awareness of our spiritual power and ours becomes a halting, feeble existence because we are living without the benefit of our greatest strength.

  Susan L. Taylor















Reflection and concentration are the twin luminaries that shed light on the dark places of our consciousness.

 H. Beeser 










The kingdom of God is within you, says the Lord.  Turn thee unto the Lord with thy whole heart, and quit this miserable world, and thy soul shall find rest.  Learn to slight exterior things, and to give thyself to interior things, and thou shall see the kingdom of God come within thee.  The kingdom of God is peace and joy in the Holy Ghost; which is not given to the wicked.  Christ will come to thee, and discover His consolation to thee if thou will prepare for him a fit dwelling within thee.  All his glory and beauty are from within, and there it is where he takes delight.


Thomas A. Kempis






  • States of deep meditation, death, and travel move through the higher dimensions of reality. 

  • Bilocation and remote viewing are forms of psychic projection. 

  • The ba in the Kemetic tradition is experienced as disassociated or projected from the body in a disciplined way and made to take flight for spiritual purposes.

  • We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

  • Fear is the mind killer and will inhibit any progress.

  • Give yourself one hour of undisturbed time.

  • Wear comfortable clothes nothing tight.

  • Commit to this experience.

  • Relax

  • Breathe through the nose deeply. Hold your breath and slowly exhale.


  • The practical discipline of body and breath is important in establishing the disciplines of mind, body, and attention. 

  • By discipline we harness our emotional and psychological sense of purpose and direction.

  • Sexuality and the subtle hormonal fluids and essences associated with the body are natural resources to be harnessed and directed. 

  • Let things flow through. 

  • Meditation can be understood as the light of attention turned back on itself.

  • Eventually, the mind is gradually freed from the disturbing currents of emotion, ideation, and unreachable desire. 

  • Meditation is the science of our higher mind and the emergence of its nonlocal dynamics.

  • Meditation is not prayer. it is the discipline of interior knowledge, merger, and perfect identification with the essence of the spiritual absolute in the rarified transcendence of the self.

  • Our fears and the failures to forgive often become a wall between the self and the Divine.

  • Meditation in the dark is recommended. 

  • We pass through a sort of psychosis or nightmare as our meditation deepens.

  • Be humble and persistent.

  • Dreamless sleep appears empty, but it is not.

  • During meditation we quiet and witness the function of our organ systems. The unconscious will reveal the dynamics of conflicts, emotional loadings and functions, some of which are associated with familial and other intimate learning and genetic connections. 

  • Meditation literally reprograms the brain to open to more subtle realms of experience and awareness.

  • The pathway you choose is a matter of intuition, temperament, culture, and luck. Study your tendencies of mind, pleasures, dreams, and faith. Pleasure is especially useful. Then you must choose.

  • Eventually, along your path, a teacher will come.

  • Mind is the master of the senses, and the breath is the master of the mind.

  • God is near in every breath. Suspend the breath and God is!

  • In meditation, minds and attention become the focus of observation. 

  • When there is no I there is no experience in terms of ideation, context, or explicit sensory formulation.

  • The localized self is subsumed, and the mind enters the superconscious state.

  • Be open to your own intuition and turn inward and follow the subtle call of your own lineage back to its source.  

  • This text is not about abstinence. It is about energies the healthy and harmonious harvesting and direction of love and sexual energies toward the goal of spiritual realization. It is not repression, suppression, or denial of this healthy vital bodily force. 

Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph. D.







Special Thanks: Meditation Photo credits Unsplash—Madison Lavern, Max, Ian Keefe, Jakayla Toney, Sigmund, Mario Dobleman, Sharon McCutcheon, Alejandro Pinero Amerio, Karsten Winegeart, Nghia Nguyen, Saffu, and Marquise Kamanke

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